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LBI Rental Tenant Resources

How to Enjoy your Stay on Long Beach Island

  • Check-Out time is stated in your lease. Keys must promptly be returned to our office.
  • The total number of occupants allowed at the rental property is stated in your lease.
  • Rental properties are cleaned prior to your check-in and after your departure. If you find that it is not clean, please call your agent immediately. You are expected to leave it in good, clean condition.
  • Rental properties are privately owned, and are maintained and furnished by the owners.
  • Internet Wi-Fi. Passwords are usually posted, in a guestbook, on the modem or on the refrigerator. If not please contact our office.
  • No smoking in the property.
  • Only toilet paper may be disposed of in toilets, no baby wipes (including disposable type), feminine type products or any other items. Doing so may cause a backup of the sewer line.
  • Please use the outdoor shower or hose to remove sand before entering the property
  • Leave the refrigerator set on the middle settings. Turning it to the coldest setting will cause the coils to freeze and the refrigerator will not work. After loading the refrigerator upon your arrival, it will take about 12 hours for it to cool the items. It was open by the prior tenant to empty and then for cleaners.
  • Do not sit on deck handrails, keep off of roofs and be careful of glass and screen doors.
  • You are responsible for trash and recyclables. Please follow posted instructions. If the rental does not have the proper trash and recyclable cans, please call our office.
  • Shore weather often includes unexpected showers and wind gusts. If you will be away from the property for an extended period, close outdoor umbrellas and secure personal items such as rafts, beach chairs, etc. Please be sure to close all windows in the event of inclement weather.
  • If the property has air conditioning, close all windows and doors while operating the air conditioning.
  • Please bring in any outdoor furniture cushions in the event of rain.
  • Please be alert to parking and speed limit signs.
  • We hope you have a quiet, relaxing vacation. Please remember that your neighbors want the same. All municipalities have noise ordinances that are strictly enforced, especially after 11:00 pm.
  • You should receive an email from our office the day before your check out date, advising you to notify your agent if you would like to re-rent the same property for the same time period. If you do not receive an email, please contact your agent with your request. All requests are tentative and subject to availability and authorization
    by the property owner. No guarantee is expressed or implied by G. Anderson

In order to help avoid any security deductions or claims::

  • Call our office should you discover any damaged property or items upon your arrival.
  • Properly dispose of trash and recyclables. Follow the collection schedule posted and place at curb. Trash must be in containers and cannot be set at the curb in plastic bags, you will be fined doing so. Recyclables must be loose in the recyclable container and cannot be in plastic bags.
  • Empty refrigerator and freezer of all food and clean any spills.
  • Do not leave any dirty dishes or pots and pans. Empty dishwasher.
  • Wipe off all counter tops, tables and stove.
  • Leave rental property in a clean and neat condition.
  • Clean outside grill.
  • Leave all furniture positioned as you found it.
  • Should you damage or break any property or items, please advise our office accordingly.
  • Upon your departure, close all windows. Close and lock all doors.
  • Return your keys to our office by 10:00 am or the check-out time stated in your lease.