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How To Get Ready for Your Tenant

As summer rapidly approaches, the following are a few things worth addressing before your first summer tenant’s arrival:

  • A minimum of three (3) covered garbage cans per unit should be provided plus at least one for recycling, clearly marked. Post Notice of pick up schedule in the property.
  • Grill cleaned and functional with full spare tank and refill instructions.
  • All patio and deck furniture cleaned and in good repair, and clean outside shower.
  • All screens must be in good repair and windows cleaned.
  • Air conditioning, both central and window units should be in good working condition or replaced if necessary. Filters should be cleaned or replaced.
  • Interior should be spring cleaned including carpets & upholstery shampooed, if necessary.
  • Provide ample cleaning supplies and equipment including extra vacuum bags.
  • Check lighting inside and outside. Leave replacements bulbs.
  • Clean ceiling fans and registers.
  • Smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors must be working.
  • Fire extinguishers must be prominently displayed.
  • Telephones, cable, internet service (if included) must be on and working.
  • Provide ample dishes, glassware, silverware, cooking utensils, pots and pans.
  • Check bed pillows and mattress pads. Replace if necessary.
  • Make sure we have a telephone number to reach you, if needed, on a Saturday or any time during the rental season.

While online, we encourage you to review the information and amenities we have on file, which was generated from your rental agreement. You may also review the weeks we show as available.

Please call our office to discuss any changes and or corrections.

As always, we look forward to being of service and wish you an enjoyable summer.