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LBI Beaches

young boy playing in sand at the beach with dump truck in background

At the heart of every Long Beach Island experience are the beautiful, family-friendly beaches that run north and south on either side of the island. With calm but invigorating ocean tides, clean, sandy beaches washed over by crystal blue water, and a true sense of community weaved throughout the various municipalities of the island, LBI is the perfect destination for both long-time vacationers and budding families. The absence of amenities such as a boardwalk is a true testament to the community-centric atmosphere that make Long Beach Island a truly unique and family-friendly vacation destination.


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Beach Haven Beaches

Ranked as the ninth-best beach in New Jersey in 2008, the beaches in “Queen City” offer both bay side and beach side attractions for visitors. Discover great opportunities for fishing, adventure water sports, and relaxing moments under the sun that are easily accessible from anywhere in the area. Beach Haven is also home to the annual Chowderfest Weekend; a unique opportunity to enjoy live music and delicious chowder with friends and family.

Harvey Cedars Beaches

Harvey Cedars boasts a small, quiet range of sandy beaches  and is home to some of the most elegant and pristine properties on LBI. Invigorated by a large community of seasonal residents, Harvey Cedars is considered a prime location of the island that has unrivaled access to both the beach and the bay.

Long Beach Township Beaches

Long Beach Township is home to over fifteen distinct beach locations on the island and is naturally the largest encompassing municipality in the local area. With a denser population and more places to choose from, Long Beach Township Beaches are bustling with activity; whether you’re in North Beach, the Crest, Spray Beach, or Holgate.

Ship Bottom Beaches

Discover the “Gateway to Long Beach Island”; a quarter-mile-wide area that sits south of the bridge into Long Beach Island. Ship Bottom, originally founded as a resort town, keeps visitors close to the shore and the bay, providing great opportunities to surf, relax in the sand, or enjoy some of the best water sport activities in the area.

Surf City Beaches

As you enter Long Beach Island from Route 72, be sure to stop along historic Surf City. Once home to the largest hotel on the New Jersey Coast, Surf City is a calm and relaxing area of the island that is only disturbed by the smooth wakes of the many Yacht Captains that call the beach area home.