Celebrating Fifty Years. 1967 - 2017
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Looking for ways to enjoy your stay at Long Beach Island? Discover our hand-selected collection of Long Beach Island attractions,  activities, restaurants, and sights-to-see in and around Long Beach Island so that every day is filled with fun, laughter, and excitement!

LBI Beaches

The beaches at Long Beach Island are simply second-to-none; and the perfect set of destinations for any family, couple, or group of friends seeking to make the most of their day by the shore. Long Beach Island is a community-first destination that provides a unique experience for those that not only want to soak in the sun, but the company of good people, too.

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LBI Entertainment

From ordering in to eating out, and from seeing the show to having the show brought to you, Long Beach Island is busting at the seams with engaging entertainment opportunities for the whole family.

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LBI Heritage

The whole of Long Beach Island is rich in culture and deep-rooted into the history of the United States, and the great state of New Jersey. Discover our unique sense of heritage from the Barnegat Lighthouse to the Long Beach Island Museum.

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LBI Golf

From family-fun to professional-caliber, Long Beach Island boast an extensive collection of courses for all types of players so that days at the beach are well-mixed with days on the green, playing your favorite games.

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